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Link-Creator is a free webmaster tool for creating affiliate links to items sold on Amazon. It automatically generates Amazon links in HTML (for blogs and webpages), and bbcode (for forum discussion threads). Link-Creator creates both text links and image links. Try it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I run a discussion forum. How can I embed Link-Creator into my site, so that my forum visitors can post Amazon text and image links into their posts?

Give your forum visitors a convenient link (e.g. at the header or footer of each forum page) to Your forum members can then use that page to create Amazon text and image links to post in your forum.

I have a WordPress blog. How do I get Amazon links into my blog posts?

In WordPress, go into HTML view. Copy/paste the HTML code that Link-Creator generates. (That's the code that's in the lower part of the right column.) You can use this for text links or for image links.

I am an Amazon associate. How do I insert my affiliate ID into the code?

In the generated code, replace the string "affiliate-id-20" with your Amazon affiliate ID.

Can I have Link-Creator automatically embed my Amazon affiliate ID?

We are no longer able to freely respond to these requests. For a one-time payment of $120, we will create a PHP page for you that embeds your affiliate ID into the generated code. You are free to upload that PHP page to your server, to use it. You can also modify it to integrate it into the look and feel of your website. You may not distribute the PHP page to others.

Turnaround time on requests is 48 hours. You must be running on a server that supports PHP. (This is common.) Send an inquiry to [email protected] if you're interested, and we'll get you set up.

Can I see example websites that use Link-Creator?

Yes, you can view websites that use Link-Creator here (discussion forum), here (blog), here (discussion forum), and here (blog).

I still have a question or two!

You can email us at admin @

Thanks for using Link-Creator!

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